Where Family Heritage Inspires

We love what we do & do what we love

Founded in America. Settlers and pioneer Van Polder & Van Dyck/Dike, started off as small leather traders and step by step manufacturing leather goods and apparel as private-label specialists for several big and well known brands. A lot of good and bad things happened. Resulting in expertise by sweat, tears and finally experience.

Our P&D ancestors never thought about starting an own brand... never, ever, ever.

At the moment we're a Dutch-based brand on a mission to present casual-stylish, high-quality, natural and conscious handcrafted leather essentials.

Which are inspired by our past but designed for today, tomorrow and the future.

Much has changed since P&D was first conceived by our great-grandparents in the days of last century.

From a really age we're brought up on with fashion related to industry and retail. 

Polder & Dike's recent collection includes premium quality essentials all responsibly made of fair and natural materials.

We apply many of the same principles that have guided our ancestors past : Quality & Integrity

Since of decades a mix of leather accessories and garments have been made by our well skilled and motivated ancestors.

Like our grandparents we still source and use the highest quality materials.

We continue to put classic craftsmanship into every handmade bag, using techniques developed over the past hundred and forty years.

We will keep sourcing the highest quality in leather-left-over from well-known fashion-houses, even though we get told every day by fashionistas or influencers that this is not how fashion works. But we believe in slow-fashion and no-mass-production.

We believe our members, followers and bag-lovers/customers tell the difference every day, so damn us for challenging the established order… We love to overdeliver & underpromise. Nothing more.

Sustainability is important to us

We take our responsibility in this by looking carefully at the materials that we are willing and able to use.
We understand that sustainability is an ongoing process and we are not quite there yet.

But we are ambitious in our goals.

Step by step, we remain committed to improving our positive impact on the planet.

Our goal is simple: to present a range of perfectly casual-stylish essentials at fair prices yet with exceptional quality.

No middlemen, no traders, no drop-shipping. No bullshit. We at P&D are the source, we add our labour to the materials and you get exactly what you have to pay for. 

We do not compromise in quality, we might compromise in margin but it will come out of our end. We either make a leather bag that deserves the price, or we do not make that bag at all.

Maybe we don’t have every model you wish for, but our reasons are simple. Be believe in bags which you can you wear or use eight days a week. A bag for weekdays, weekends or whenever days...

Buy consciously. Buy better.

Best Regards from The Bag Makers & Bag Lovers


Driven By Passion

Born in America and rooted in a Dutch-American private-label tradition of exceptional quality and highly skilled craftsmanship. The family owned brand has built its success on a firm belief in the honesty of materials, the purity of casual-stylish shapes and our passionate approach. Our mission is to rethink & rewrite our ancestors heritage. This has made P & D Essentials a serious brand of accessories to last and be loved for generations to come.